Tuesday, September 05, 2006

2006 MTV VMA's = FLOP

Aight well, I know I've been M.I.A. for lil bit but I was too busy getting messed up during Labor Day Weekend and among many other things, seeing world famous DJ Tiesto spin an amazing thizz-face rocking set. As well as missing blog postings, I also missed the MTV VMA's until this afternoon thanks to MTV having a lack of quality, original programming, and having most of its airtime being composed of reruns. So here is my play-by-play of the awards and what I thought of them (as if anyone cared)...

-Justin Timberlake: I was honestly feeling this performance, especially with Timbaland in there, until he started his lame ass wannabe beat boxing shit again, then I wanted to shoot him in the head. Timbaland should of known to tell him not to pull that wack shit during rehearsals. And I'm calling it now, "Bringin sexy back" is already an overused term and should be stopped now early because its a stupid ass saying and my grandma has already placed it into her vocabulary.
-Jack Black: Lame ass host, his jokes sucked and he needed to die and go away after his last movie Nacho Libre bombed as a Napoleon Dynamite copycat. I guess since it was a MTV movie though MTV gave him the host position ahead of time and didn't have time or the ability to back out and get someone better to host this year (for example: Dave Chappelle, Sarah Silverman, Dane Cook, etc.)
-Best Male: It was good to see Lil Kim up there, I thought the costume change was entertaining and I don't care what people have been saying, I would hit it right now with all the meat still on her, she don't need to lose any weight. The award was lame itself having James Blunt's overplayed and annoying song winning. Should of been T.I., Kanye, or my personal deserved winner, Busta.
-Best Hip Hop: First off, Andre 3000 looked like an idiot in that getup. Also I have no fucking clue what is the difference between this award and Best Rap. I mean I get the difference between hip-hop and rap, but I don't get MTV's standards for seperating the two at all. And BEP should def not have won. I woulda picked Three 6 Mafia, even though they would of been better off in the Rap category logically, so I guess logically Common actually should of won. And WTF is that Rompe shit doing even getting nominated. Horrible song, video, and artist right there.
-Best Female: I really didn't care who won, although I will admit that in respect to winner Kelly Clarkson, I would def hit it.
-Ludacris & Pharrell: Went off with their performance like I knew they would. Release Theraphy is gonna be a contender for Hip-Hop album of the year for sure. However I don't get why the PCD went out there also, they could of had any 7 hot video hoes go out there also and it would of had the same effect for less costs.
-Best Dance: Jessica Simpson once again proves how fuckin' retarded she is and she's lucky she is as hot as she is. I didn't care who won this category at all, I guess you could of said that the appearance of the PCDs with Luda was foreshadowing though, however its sad that groups like PCD are "award-winning" these days. Didn't they used to just be strippers in Vegas???
-OK Go: Probably the best part of the whole show. If you say you don't like this then you're a fuckin idiot and are just lying. Granted its gimmicky but its a damn good one and it at least shows that the world of "mainstream" music isn't totally unoriginal and worthless nowadays.
-AAR: I'll admit it, I jammed these dudes when they FIRST came out with their first album many years ago. I dig the song "Move Along" as a guilty pleasure also and there could of been way worse bands for MTV to chose to play in place of them. They did however sound terrible live and not as good as the CD.
-Best Pop: I normally wouldn't care about this category but I find Pink to be realer than most pop stars out there today (even though thats basically her "fake gimmick") and thought her "speech" was funny and sort of ironic in that it was probably loosely making fun of Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton and the whole time Nick Lachey and Nicole Richie were both standing in the background. All in all, I found the irony of the situation to be way more humorous than any of the swing-and-miss jokes of Jack Black that night.
-Best Rap: Being from Houston and the fact that I've been jamming Chamil since his very first flow back in 98, this shit was huge for me and I thought he was real as shit with the R.I.P.'s to Fat Pat, H.A.W.K., and Screw and this was the only award that MTV got right. Maybe I'm partial but to me the deserves it more than anyone else and like I said in my last post, the dude is top 5, he's too versatile, and won't be stopped anytime soon.
-Beyonce: It's a hot joint, noone can deny that, but like everyone has been saying already, she jacked Britney's entrance and outfit and Janet's moves. And to me her eyes looked like she was high as fuck or drunk or on something. She just didn't look good to me for some reason because of her eyes and she normally looks hot as hell to me.
-T.I.: Maybe I am unfairly hating on him, but I thought his performance sucked and was wack having 100 kids doing the gay ass snap dance, one of the worst things created by hip-hop this year. And with Chamil winning best rap video I don't think the dude can claim "King" anymore. To me he never was and hopefully now the stupid nickname will stop since Chamil has proven he is better all around as a southern rapper. And I wasn't feeling the Young Dro spot either.
-Best Group: First off, Jared Leto is a wannabe and only dresses that way and looks that way cause he thinks 14 year olds will buy his shitty band's music. People like him have ruined rock. As have AAR, who won the award and looked like total drunken idiot frat freshmen who can't even hold their liquor and act normal for 5 seconds. I bet the dude was dead sober and just wanted to give the impression he was wasted and a "rockstar" when in reality from what I hear he just likes to get 18 year olds drunk and take advantage of them.
-Best Ringtone: For one, Rihanna is NOT hot, her forehead is huuuuuuuge. All she has are pretty eyes and those can be bought by anyone nowadays. And this is one of the dumbest awards I've ever heard of but I guess record companies have to sell these now cause they can't sell records. And I don't get why Chamil wasn't even nominated for this stupid award, wasn't he like the first dude to sell a million ringtones? Oh well, moving on....
-Panic! At The Disco: This is one of the worst bands I've seen in a long ass time. For those that don't know they got a record deal with Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz's label without ANY experience of playing live. The song repeats the same lines over and over and the dude couldn't sing or play live at all. Horrible, worst part of the whole VMA's in my opinion.
-Best New Artist: FYI, Fergie is 31 and to me that is TOO OLD to be having a song about fellatio but whatever. Avenged Sevenfold.....I don't need to say anything to hate on these dudes because they basically do it themselves.
-Best R&B: Its obvious that Brit and KFed didn't show up in person because they probably would of been boo'ed and shit. And as a H-Town representer I gotta love the fact that Slim and Beyonce won. Slim Thug is one big ass dude, he coulda been a bodyguard had he not gotten a good rap career going. I'm just glad Jamie Foxx didn't win because his ego is already too big for no reason. Speaking of ego...
-Vanguard: Now first off Kanye is so into himself and so annoying its disgusting (plus isn't his chain copying Pharrell's?). The way he talks its like he thinks he should already be winning this award. I hope his next album flops cause his last one wasn't as great as everyone thought it was, on the real. Its awesome that Hype won though. Being the white suburban wannabe thug 80s kid that I am, I literally was raised on Hype Williams videos and I feel that he was probably the biggest and one of the most influential "filters" for how white kids saw black culture in the past decade if you think about and analyze it. Missy in the Jeep was hilarious as well and this to me was the most heartfelt and one of the best parts of the whole show.
-Christina: Not much to say on this other than I thought it was a great performance, she looked hot, and she is arguably one of the best singers out right now.
-Tenacious D: just plain awful and not funny at all. Oh yeah and BEP took part in the whole "act" thereby proving even more that they are sellouts and will do anything for money nowadays.
-The rest of the awards including the big final best video of the year award are all a big joke and pretty much sum up the whole theme of this year's show and how bad it sucked so I'm not even gonna comment on them further.

Thats about it for the VMA play-by-play. Overall it sucked and has been getting worse and worse every year, just like music and hip-hop is. Lets hope next year is better as is the state of hip-hop and music altogether. Now I'm off to watch the new episode of Nip/Tuck because TV (besides realityTV) on the other hand is on the up and up.
Deuce, j.

Thursday, August 31, 2006


I know some people might consider this idiotic and pointless and not respect it at all, a white person like myself commmenting and adding my 2 cents in on one of the most discussed on-going debates in hip-hop, but I think my argument and opinion on who the current Top 5 in the game are is justified and well backed up, so here goes.

I'm gonna go one by one through candidates, most of which I took from the argument going on at Sickamore's blog, based on lyrical ability, flow, and content, for the Top 5 spots and list why or why they don't make my list. This is mostly based on RELEVANCE, cause to me the Top 5 is constantly changing and shifting almost daily, with each new hot verse, single, and record sale being a possible reason for one rapper to drop out and another to step in. Keep in mind this isn't a "greatest of all time" list, but a list of the Top 5 RIGHT NOW. No retired, dead, stagnant, inactive, or hibernating rappers included. So let the analysis begin....

Jay-Z - He's retired, even though he ain't acting like it as of late. His guest spots haven't impressed me much anyways so to me he is still basically retired. I'm sure after his next one drops in Late '06/Early '07 he will reclaim his just spot at the top.
Nas - Hasn't done shit lately. I'm waiting until his next one which is coming out probably after Jay's has dropped for Def Jam.
Andre 3000 - After hearing the horrible album that is Idlewild, no way. He used to be good years ago, but lately it seems he has given up on hip-hop and doing shit that not even white people like anymore like they did with "Love Below".
Big Boi - He's good to me but not Top 5 good. I really hope after the shit that is Idlewild, he loses Dre and drops a real solo showing what he can do.
Pusha T - To me this dude is the best 1/2 of a duo that is killing it with the mixtapes and is getting screwed by those "crackas at Jive" on their sophomore release. "Lord Willin" to me was awesome and underrated by the industry. I still love to jam that album and they started the whole rapping about coke trend that is so big today. To me even though there are now tons of copycats, noone does it like they do still. Best rap group right now but not top 5, maybe if he had more solo work.
T.I. - This self-proclaimed "King of the South" to me isn't even the best in the South (see Luda) so that right there brings him down in the rankings. Plus I can't stand his voice and his cockiness that doesn't seemed justified either by rhymes or stature. Maybe I am wrong here and am too biased against him but I don't put him top 5 and think he is too overrated. Just shows if you call yourself the "King" enough times, enough idiots are going to jump on the band wagon and believe it. I've been listening to this dude since he was T.I.P. and still think he is as shitty now as he was back then, he just has more hype and people believing his lame ass and unwarranted title.
Ludacris - After hearing his latest mixtape songs including "War With God" and the fact that he has maintained such high quality on all his albums, I put him top 5. And if you don't believe me now then just wait til his new one drops. I'm calling classic on this one.
Killer Mike - Ever since his first appearance on 'Kast's "Whole World" I thought he was sick, however I was tricked into buying his solo album and it wasn't anything special to me. He def has potential but has yet to truly do his best work I feel.
Mase - With Bad Boy he was unstoppable and dropped some classic rhymes but nowadays not so much. I feel his best is past him. Not a current Top 5.
Ghostface - Basically same argument as Mase. See "Fishscale" if you think differently. That isn't classic "Top 5" shit there.
50 Cent - Now that he's on top commerically he isn't hungry anymore. Doubt his next one will be anything classic and unless he is really threatened, he doesn't have to work hard anymore to get rich. He's the best businessman in the business but not Top 5.
Young Buck - He's aight but nothing special. If you think he's Top 5 then I think you are just a G-Unit rider.
Lloyd Banks - Same as above.
Snoop Dogg - It's sad to me what has happened to Snoop through the years. Went from one of the best in the game to sad excuse for a rapper. He's a joke to me now. Def not Top 5.
Lil Wayne - Alot of people disagree but the proof is in the pudding (flows). You got a classic album in Carter 2 and probably 2 more albums worth of awesome appearances on mixtapes and other people's records. And for all the people saying he's got a ghostwriter, thats just all BS. If Gillie really was right then why does his shit suck so bad? He's just looking for attention and Wayne shouldn't even stoop down to his level and respond.
Joe Budden - He's got the skills but his last album wasn't great to me. He could be Top 5 with the next album but not right now.
Lupe Fiasco - I would say I haven't heard enough to know if the buzz is warranted but I've heard the leak like everyone else and this dude is forreal. I would put him Top 5 but I feel it might be a bit premature. I don't see anything stopping this kid in years to come though and I wanna hear more.
Chamillionaire - Although you could say I am biased because I am from the H and he went to my HS, but I think he is Top 5. He can rhyme with the best of them and his last album was crazygood. He also can rhyme fast or slow and rhyme about ballin or serious shit. Basically he can cover all the angles with skill if he needs to and not many rappers can do that today.
Eminem - Hasn't dropped anything in forever. Not relevant enough to be Top 5 and his last album sucked. I fear he might of taken so many drugs that he has lost it but hopefully he will come back with some fire on the highly anticipated Shady mixtape that has yet to drop or his next album if there ever is one.
The Game - When provoked he goes off and represents for the West like noone else has as of late. And luckily for him he is being provoked from all sides so he has reason to show his best. I think 50 and G-Unit is helping him out more than hurting him because which each diss they throw at him he comes back even hotter. I think Doctor's Advocate will be classic like his last one and I put him Top 5.
Scarface - Not relevant anymore and sadly I heard he won't drop anything ever again. Hope it ain't true 'Face.
Bun B - Being from the H I wanna put him on the Top 5 really bad but just can't do it. I liked his solo but it wasn't good enough for me from what I was expecting and had too many guest spots I felt. Maybe on the new UGK this year he will show some crazy skills.
Redman - A legend but not relevant anymore and his past albums have been lackluster.
Kanye West - He is good but I don't buy into all the hype people give him with album's of the year and all the Grammy's. His ego is way too big and he isn't Top 5 to me although he is the best producer in the game right now until Dr. Dre drops. #1 producer but not Top 5 rapper.
Beanie Sigel - Good but not good enough. Also too one-dimensional for me to put him Top 5.
Fabolous - To me he is always fire on the mixtapes but weak on commerical releases. Maybe next album he can come hard and be more consistent.
Juelz Santana - Okay this is probably where a lot of people are going to hate but I put this dude Top 5. He comes with a very different yet awesome flow and I feel that his last album was horribly underrated. I can jam that thing all the way through almost and think its one of the best of last year. Maybe its the white dude in me but I think he is sick and he has been killing the mixtapes along with Weezy lately. That new "Blow" tape they did is insane and I can't wait for "I Can't Feel My Face" to drop.
Cam'ron - Good but his last album flopped and wasn't that impressive. Dude is getting too old and Juelz overshadows him.
Jadakiss - Great but not relevant lately. Also his last album didn't impress me much. In general I think D-Block is overrated and needs to step it up a notch.
Styles P - See Jadakiss above.
Cassidy - Might be good on the mixtapes and battles but he can't deliver commerically on an album where it counts. Too much of a myth and not enough to back it up in the stores.
Kurupt - Aight but nothing special. I sort of just listed him for the West Coast people.
Ice Cube - Never was Top 5 and never will be although he is real ass fuck and to me had one of the best rap albums this year, which isn't really saying much so far.
E-40 - Maybe if coming up with unique lingo mattered a lot in this but other than that he's just average.
DMX - I wanted to love his new album so bad. I mean he killed it on the "Touch It Remix" and had me hyped for the album but when I got it I was badly dissappointed. One of my all time fav's but def not Top 5 right now.
Papoose - Sick rapper, killed the "Touch It Remix" as well and kills the mixtapes but needs to drop a commerical album and show his skills there in the marketplace badly. After he drops an album he is a possible Top 5.
Saigon - Same as Papoose, although I think Pap is better.
Common - I know he's really good and all the backpackers/underground fans love him, but I'm a white suburban kid and I find him to be boring and to be Top 5 you cannot be boring, cause then you don't stand out.
Talib Kweli - Same as Common.
Mos Def - Same as Common and Talib.

So there you go. The long analysis is done. I think I provided good points for 'em all but its all opinion when it comes down to it so whatever. Also I don't think much about the order of the Top 5 because to me that is just splitting hairs and once you are Top 5 you are basically just a Top 5 to me but I'll try to rank anyways.

My Top 5:
1. Lil Wayne
2. Ludacris
3. The Game
4. Chamillionaire
5. Juelz Santana

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Allow Me To ReIntroduce Myself

OK, first thing is first. I guess in order to start this whole thing off I gotta first do the intro...
I'm a 22 year old, 80's born, affluent, white, suburbs-raised, male that is obsessed with all things music, especially hip-hop and the culture that goes along with it. With this blog I plan on offering my own insight on hip-hop music among many other things dealing with the genre and culture. Middle-class, suburban whites have had a secret fascination and love for hip-hop going back as far as the Sugarhill Rapper's Delight video filled with white people awkwardly dancing to the beat, up til suburban youth flocking to the total opposite lifestyle of NWA, and finally up until today with the majority of hip-hop CD sales coming from a white demographic. My goal here is to provide this suburban, white perspective and view on things going on in the world of hip-hop. Not just the music, but also the fashion, the lifestyle, the celebs, the industry, and maybe even racial issues going on in the world today. Keep in mind I am not just some idiot (at least I hope not) blogging. I have been following hip-hop closely, absorbing it and appreciating it, since the day I first started heavily listening to music and being a huge music fan (roughly 1995-6). Also I am pretty intelligent and have in fact graduated from a top 20 rated university, so I can't be that stupid. I was partially inspired to do this blog because of recent going on's in the world of hip-hop, such as Julia Beverly, a white woman, becoming pretty successful with her Ozone Mag, and also just how big the white population is involved in hip-hop today. I'm not that big into reading blogs myself until very recently, and from my searchings I haven't yet come across a blog with the kind of perspective that I would have, so I decided to give it a try. I realize that I have a problem with rambling so I'm gonna stop now and leave it at that. I hope to post at least once a day, cause it doesn't seem like it will take up much time and I got plenty of ideas in my head. So now you got the jist of where I'm coming from and what I'm trying to do. You'll find out more about me in the future also I'm sure. Until then, as we say in Houston,

If you read all that you get rewarded with Sugarhill Gang:

and some N.W.A.:

and why ya'll rockin out to these, remember white people love these joints more than gated communities! ;)